7 Steps to Overcome Uncertain Times

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Tom Brown is the author of America's bestselling wilderness series. In Tom Brown's Field Guide: Wilderness Survival, Tom suggests that we get into the habit of always asking ourselves questions about what we might encounter in a survival situation. Questions like "What if I lose my lighter and I need to start a fire?" "What if its cold and it's too windy to get a fire started, and hypothermia is only 30 minutes away?" When you have already thought about questions like these, and have workable answers firmly seated in your head, not only will your confidence level soar, but if the time comes when you do face that situation, there won't be any decision to make--you'll just do it.How much more confidence would you have if you developed the habit of planning/thinking about what you might encounter, and developing a backup plan if that situation occurs? More than you know.

The key with using this approach is to keep your goal fixed out in front of you. When https://pinkunit2.webgarden.cz/rubriky/pinkunit2-s-blog/prerequisites-the-cause-of-the allow this approach to turn "negative", it's only because they allow the thoughts of what could go wrong to shut them down. Instead of immediately coming up with a strategy to effectively deal with these temporary setbacks, they get scared, forget about the goal, and then...well, you know the rest.Stop plowing blindly into your ventures thinking "everything will be fine!" and refusing to consider the "obstacles" you will encounter. Know that you will experience things you'd rather not, and, that you'll be able to move through, around, under, or over them, because you already know what you'll do, if they do in fact occur.