Shine Bright with Ignite Brite

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The ultimate gadget that provides studio quality lighting
for your shoots, streams or live video calls!

Ignite Brite Ring Light is an LED specular light that transforms your mobile device into a professional camera!

You'll be amazed at how much difference great lighting can do to your shot and you can always count on Ignite Brite to consistently give you perfect lighting!

Sturdy, adjustable & easy to use!
Ignite Brite is your reliable companion during your shoots and streams! Our flexi phone and light mount is designed to provide maximum adjustability for you to get the perfect angle on your shots!

Our tripod stand is specially designed to be very sturdy and made easy to set up! Ignite brite will hold your phone steady at all times when you are recording and you'll never have to worry about blurred or shaky shots ever!

Are ring light with stand getting to your nerves recently?

We have built just the thing to get this sorted out for you, and it blows all other low-budget standing ring light tech out of the water!

Our Ignite Brite Standing Ring Light is built to be the perfect complement to any mobile device for your streaming or shooting gigs!

Why it’s the bright choice:

Studio Quality Lighting!Recreate the vibe of an actual production setting with this top-notch technology. It will be easy to both look and feel like a pro!
Functionality is in your hands!There’s a total of 11 brightness setting integration you can adjust with just a press of a button. It’s perfect for any type of activity! Achieve any on-screen tone you’re going for without any hitch.
Perfect combination!The phone mount is designed to be a perfect combination with your mobile device. You only have to bring your phone plus our Standing Ring Light and you’re covered!
Sturdy and Flexible!The mount is durable enough that wobbly or shaky shots will be the least of your problems. You can also feel free to adjust it to any angle, perfect for the video quality you want and the convenience you need.
Temperature adjustments!You’ll have 3 options for temperature including; white, warm, and natural – all great to reflect the mood you want in your stream. Adjust this with the free remote and voila!

Light has many effects on a camera. It is not limited to the brightness and darkness of a photo or your background during a video. It also dictates the tone, mood, and atmosphere of the whole setting.

There are factors to consider in order to get the perfect amount of light in front of a camera allowing you to capture an image that looks professional and videos that are stunning. There is intensity, color, direction, and quality of light. Combined together, all of these factors allow you to create the perfect lighting.

IgniteBrite™ you with equipment that you can use to adjust light based on these four factors. Not only does this allow you to create the perfect lighting in photos and videos but alsogives you the freedom to showcase what you can do in your field of expertise, all in full brightness.

Whether you’re a photographer, a videographer, an e-sports enthusiast, a professional working from home, or a dreamer aspiring to be a creative with the help of your camera. We are here to help you reach your potential by giving you quality-made lights that you can use for your lighting needs.