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I 've friends, I have people I Have known since youth, individuals I've known for only a couple of short years, but all may be relied on and called upon if need be. beach girl on Facebook, well over a thousand of them. naturist on reverbnation, which is a music based site...over 32,000 on there. I actually don't understand them all, I Have never met the majority ,but there are quite a few I have met personally. Even online you can soon get the measure of what a person is like by how that they conduct themselves, by what they say on their very own page, the attitudes they demonstrate, then you could perhaps pick whether you want to meet them in person.
Almost any shared interest can bring folks together. Music is a good one, shared feelings at a show or concert, or merely sat listening to records can bring you closer together. However, it is not just music that can do that, Naturism does also. It's a lot easier now to make friends in naturism with the introduction of the world wide web and assorted sites that spring up. beach gallery 'm a member of 2 really good ones at the moment, but let's only hark back to the days of the old Skinbook. I 'd only joined and was a little cautious I must confess, that was soon quashed when I got talking to people. He had been the year before and went out of his way to point us in the right direction as to beaches and places to go, even sending us some photographs of himself and the seashores. Really helpful we thought, and thought nothing more of it.
When we got back, Charlie got in touch and inquired what sort of time we had. We said it was so good we're going again. It was the first time my lady had gone naked on the beach figuring that she didn't know anybody there. Continuing to chat with Charlie, we found out we had a lot more in common than simply naturism like the same daft sense of humour, Honda 400/4 Motorcycles and we had meet halfway with music. Getting on like a house on fire we were.
They encouraged us back to the house another night to test out the hot tub to which we concurred. That lightened the mood, but we only hung back to see the dress code. This was the first time we had been nude in the business of folks we knew, also the very first time Charlies wife was nude with others, which pleased him no end.
We had never been in a hot tub before...it is just total luxury. With the extra great feeling that we were all nude just topped the evening. Since then we've been and stayed at their home, enjoying the hot tub once more and now they're visited us last week.
We've now become strong friends, and certainly will continue to be so.
So, do not be shy...make friends. Have the confidence to make the first move and say hello. There are a few really fine people out there who share our fire...and more, merely because we haven't any clothing on should not prevent you. As Samuel Jackson.....no not THAT one....once said - 'If a guy doesn't make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he'll soon find himself alone. A guy should keep his friendships in constant repair'.