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SIM lock:

A SIM-Lock, network lock, Carrier-Lock, IMEI LOCK or (MASTER) SUBSIDY lock is a technical restriction built into CDMA and GSM phones by producers for use by carriers to limit the use of these phones to specific locations and/or networks. This is in contrast to a mobile phone (retrospectively called SIM-free or unlocked) that doesn't enforce any SIM limitations.The reason a lot of network providers SIM lock their phones is that they offer phones at a discount to consumers in return for for a contract to fund the use of the network for a chosen time period, often between one to three years. This business model permits the company to recoup the price of the device over the duration of the agreement. These types of savings are worth as much as a few hundred US dollars.

Unlocking Technology:

A device can be unlocked simply by entering a code provided by the service operator. Alternative mechanisms consist of software working on the handset or a computer connected to the device, hardware devices that connect to the handset or over-the-air by the carrier. In most cases the unlock procedure is permanent. The code needed to eliminate all locks from a cell phone is referred to as the master code, network code key, or multi-lock code. If the handset is carrier locked it will typically display one of these messages: SIM network PIN blocked, Enter lock PIN.


Quite often a SIM-locked mobile is available at a substantially reduced cost than an unlocked one due to the fact the supplier anticipates income through its service. SIM locks are currently employed on less expensive (pay-as-you-go) devices, though deals on higher priced handsets require a subscription which offers guaranteed income. Unlocked mobiles have a much higher market value.

Unlocking Services:

A few organizations offer a online mobile phone unlocking service . This service calls for all those who would like to unlock a mobile to give their IMEI number to a service supplier and in most cases they will also need the country and network the mobile phone is locked to, often sent via email or entered on their website. The organization then will provide (at a cost to you) an unlock code for the handset. For a few makes for instance Nokia and Samsung many services also provide unique remote-unlocking software with directions, where a cable is necessary to remove the SIM lock at home. Such suppliers may email the unlocking code or software that should remotely unlock the unit. The price for unlocking a cellphone will differ dependent upon the network it is locked to and the mobile phone model itself, as each unlock code is unique to each specific handset.

Unlocking Service Providers:

Unfortunately there are lots of scammers "businesses" operating in the cellphone network unlocking industry. As a result it is recommended to be sure you find a trustworthy service provider for this service. To assist with a search for a reputable service provider, we have provided a listing below (and in no particular order) of a few genuine organizations currently offering such services.

Reputable Mobile Phone IMEI Unlocking Service Providers: