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Big or small, breasts have always represented one of the most important symbols of feminine beauty. Moreover, they are also an erogenous area with a sensitivity level that is different from woman to woman. Different cultures, civilizations, and times have promoted varied beauty standards when it comes to a woman’s breasts. Be them very large or small and perky, there is one thing all women desire when it comes to the appearance of their breasts: for them to be sexy and complement her anatomy.
Over the years, women have tried creams, potions, pills, and massages to improve the appearance of their breasts. Over the last decades, bigger and bigger breasts have appeared on the cover of the beauty magazines and TV.
In this article, we will have a look at the benefits of having small breasts and big breasts and how to make the right choice when it comes to plastic surgery to enhance the aspect of the breasts.

Plastic surgery and the appearance of breasts
Breast augmentation has been performed for decades now with a high satisfaction rate. It is one of the two most performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States, and this alone says a great deal about women’s interest in having beautiful breasts.
We have all been seduced by Pamela’s Anderson breasts in Baywatch, and for a while, she was the ultimate model when it came to beautiful breasts. Hence, many women desired to get breasts as big as possible with the help of implants. More and more celebrities started parading their breasts on TV, in the movies or magazines leading to a worldwide trend: bigger is better. This is the reason why over the last decade, we can notice an increase in the size of implants used for breast augmentation with no less than 30%. If in the past patients preferred implants around the 250 cc mark, now a common standard is 350 cc. And here we are talking about a moderate augmentation, not an excessive one. Mentor silicone breast implants go up to 1000 cc, and there are other implants that can have an even bigger volume. Can you imagine how it would be to have 2000 cc planted on your chest in a matter of hours? Our recommendation is not to even try it, and we will explain in detail why not.
Before anything else, when it comes to the volume of the implant you should know that the bigger it is, the less natural the results will be. So if you want your augmented breasts to look like they are still yours and not something planted forcefully on your chest, you need to pay attention to the details and the harmony of proportions. Of course, there are patients looking to get the biggest implants possible as they work in the entertainment industry and their jobs depend on the size and aspect of their breasts. But even so, it is recommended to take things gradually and allow your body and your brain to get used to larger breasts by taking things in a progressive manner. butt implant is not uncommon for patients looking for breast augmentation procedures to have multiple interventions, and this is a good idea especially if you have a small mammary gland tissue and you desire to get overly large breasts. Take it step by step, and the aesthetic results will be much better compared to having huge implants inserted during the first intervention.
Also, keep in mind that big breasts often equate to bigger problems and an increased risk of complications. Before discussing other potential complications, the risk of visibility and palpability of the implant is the first one that should come to mind when considering implants with a large volume. This alone will prevent you from achieving natural-looking results as there is nothing more unnatural than seeing the edges of the implants through the skin envelope of the breasts.
Deciding upon the right size for implants is probably the most important decision you need to make regarding the breast augmentation procedure. When it comes to the surgical approach, you can leave it all to the plastic surgeon as he is experienced and knows the benefits of each option and how it will work out for you. But you need to be actively involved in choosing the size of the implants that will be inserted into your breasts. Of course, the recommendation is to ask your plastic surgeon’s advice and preferably to follow it. A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will perform exact and in-depth measurements of your body and then recommend implants in between different volumes.
For example, he might say that you could have implants in between 250-400 ccs to get a good result after the procedure. Now it all comes down to your desires. If you want considerable improvement and you are ready to feel all the eyes on you when you enter a room, ask for the 400 cc ones. But if you want an enhancement that will still allow you to be discreet about your procedure, choose 250 or 350 ccs. The thing you should keep in mind is that if the plastic surgeon suggested 400 cc as the maximum limit, don’t ask for 800 cc implants. A responsible plastic surgeon will give you all the details about the disadvantages of going too big with your implants, and he can even refuse to perform your procedure in these conditions. In this way, he tells you that he doesn’t want to be part of a process that will end up in unsatisfactory results or health complications for you. We have seen many celebrities getting huge implants only to have them removed and replaced with smaller ones in the years to come. Choosing the right implant size needs to take into consideration your anatomical characteristics and not only your dreams and desires. The only method to make all those dreams come true is to stay grounded in reality.
Natural results and a harmonious body figure should be the golden standard when it comes to getting huge breasts or moderate size ones. Having huge breasts can look like you can fall on your face at any time and this is not very appealing. But having breasts that are perfectly suited for your anatomy will make you sexy, alluring and intriguing. A compromise needs to be made in many cases, so make sure to discuss this issue at length with the plastic surgeon and trust his advice and expertise.
It is important to consider your lifestyle choices and preferences when it comes to the size of the implants. Having overly large breasts can sound like a dream come true in theory, but if you are into sports or other similar activities, you can soon discover that it can be truly uncomfortable to move around while carrying a significant weight on your chest. As is the case with many other things in life, moderation is key when it comes to choosing the right size of implants. Whether big or small, your breasts need to balance your anatomy and contribute to an overall sexy and alluring image of the body. This should be the main focus of breast augmentation surgery.
At the same time, getting small implants for the sake of discretion is also not advisable, especially if your body type can handle bigger implants. Go for something that creates a balance of proportions. Undergoing plastic surgery just for the sake of having results that are barely visible might not be worth it if you weigh in the pros and cons. Plastic surgery should provide you with the desired improvement.

Although the idea of resorting to plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the breasts appeals to many women, choosing the right size of implants for augmentation can be quite a struggle for the patient. The best thing you can do is schedule your pre-operative consultation and discuss with the plastic surgeon. He can give you some margins on what volume of implants is adequate for your particular case.
Nowadays the volume of breast implants goes from 100 to 1000 ccs (and even more). This means that the patient can certainly find something that is suitable for her body type and desires. Women that are thin and with an initial flat chest are not recommended to get big implants as they can cause pain and discomfort and additional surgery might be required to remove and replace them. Keep realistic goals and expectations and also remember that bigger is not always better.