Kenyas Capital City At Its Best

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Kenya's Capital City At Its Best

Kenya knows how to treat tourists. The country understands the impact of the industry and economic growth. Being one of the biggest income generator, the tourism sector has received a lot of changes. The country has been advertising her destinations all over the world. From the spectacular Wildebeest Migration that happens annually at Masai Mara Game Reserve to the magical Great Rift Valley and the beaches along the coastline. The country has ensured that one starts experiencing its best attactions right at the capital centre.

Kenya is the only country that has a park right at the capital city namely Nairobi National Park. In the park you will enjoy three packages namely; the game Drive where you will be taken around the park as you watch lions and leopards prey on unsuspecting gazelles. You will also observe beautiful plains and get embraced by the city's skyscrapers towering above. The Nairobi Safari Walk where you will walk at well manicured paths as you get close and candid with nature. You will have chances to take photos with cheetahs and observe lions at a very close range.

Kenya will be ready to welcome you to other destinations immediately you are through with the Nairobi National Park. The last of the park's package is the Nairobi Orphanage. You will feel at home with lions, friendly cheetahs, monkeys and other animals. What you get here serves as an eye opener for what to expect on your next game drive. Still around the city you should request to visit the Giraffe Centre, where you will observe the Rothschild Giraffe. You are allowed to feed the giraffes and take their photos.

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