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You get a telephone call at work daily, take out your laptop and start typing away. Perhaps you wish to see a news article or test email but you find yourself stuck with nothing to do but type. Perhaps you will forget who the individual is on the opposite end of the phone line. Rather than answering call your phone in your Blackberry, you might decide to just have a phone call on your MacBook Air.

There is no need to spend the money to get a new laptop with its very own version of QuickTime, Active X, and iTunes. Simply download the free Call Assistant software for your iPhone and set it up with the telephone number. Whenever someone calls you on your Blackberry, a notification pops up in your Blackberry and you can take that call by pressing your finger on the number that you want to phone. If your carrier supports it, you can use real-time text (RTT) when you make or receive phone calls onto your Blackberry, like your iPhone. Note: Some carriers may not support real-time text while you're getting or making telephone calls on your Blackberry.

For example, imagine that your girlfriend has recently called you since she wants to hang out with you. On her Blackberry, she dials the number displayed on her telephone and hits play. You see a movie on the display that states,"Please input the amount " You tell her,"OK," hit okay, and hit enter. Subsequently the video goes black and you're back to waiting on the video .

However, by utilizing your iPhone, you receive a different option. You can answer the phone by holding the Home key. Then, you can swipe through the menu until you find the Real-Time Dialing option. You can also tap the option to modify from the Blackberry's touchpad to the iPhone's touchpad or a virtual keyboard.

Even though your Blackberry can not be used on the iPhone, you do not have to have a new iPhone for a walk through Starbucks or buy one individually to make and receive telephone calls with it on it. Using phone call app , you can just download the Telephone Assistant program and set it up to operate together with your Blackberry. So that you can utilize your Blackberry in all the same places in which you utilize your iPhone.

The Phone Assistant application allows you to utilize your iPhone's Touch ID to get your Blackberry contacts directly from the iPhone. This makes it effortless to log in to your contacts list, edit or add names and/or photos and send email them. By simply tapping the telephone.

Also, the Call Assistant is available for free for downloading on the Internet, so you don't need to pay for a different software program to make and receive calls with your Blackberry. You can also navigate through your contacts on the web as usual without having to download some special software. To save you some time, you can download this software at no cost on your Blackberry or iPod touch and then use your iPhone to get your contacts directly. As, well.

You can even download the free version of the Phone Assistant to a Blackberry so you can use it on any Blackberry device. What exactly are you waiting for? Start recording that phone call now!

Considering that the iPhone and Blackberry share some of the exact same hardware, the two devices can communicate with one another over exactly the same network. You do not need to connect the iPhone into the Blackberry; you only need to connect the Blackberry for your iPhone.

After you use your Blackberry with your iPhone, you are able to do things such as send and receive text messages, record a phone call, play music, browse the net, and even watch a film with your iPhone. Additionally, you can even use the telephone to phone be the incoming/outgoing telephone indicator. Which means that you can tell when someone calls you.

To be able to get the most from your mobile call, you should have a fantastic quality connection to the internet. A wireless system will provide the best connection, though in the event that you don't have wireless, you can always select a cellular phone program.