Make Money Watching YouTube Videos

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Due to the current global recession many people nowadays are trying to find ways on what they supplement their monthly income in order to sustain their daily needs. A lot of people are being let go from their work. They have to look for other methods to earn other than being a regular employee.

With this thought, many have resorted to venturing into internet sites. Yet, there is absolutely no easy way, since many online businesses have opened since the dawn of the internet way back late 1990s. And it is quite hard to contend with established sites such as Google, Amazon, eBay and ClickBank. People have to find other alternatives on how best to make money and never have to contend with the big websites.

So how then can we make money online without having to sell anything or display Google AdSense?

How about making money using what you do every day? Something similar to your hobby?

Looking at the current trends a lot of people nowadays are hooked to two forms of sites: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Sites and Video Sites.

In this post we'll discuss how we could make money with Video Sites, specifically YouTube.

According to this year 2010 YouTube surpassed 2 Billion views each day, in fact it is still growing a lot more. Imagine a person watching at the very least 5 one minute video per day, with almost 6 Billion internet surfers, half of which are employing YouTube everyday. Imagine in the event that you could turn a minumum of one thousand of those viewers into income generating machines? That would be a lot of cash huh?

So how do we convert those watchers into money making machines? There are two ways: First, you create your own video, then ensure it is go viral, then post ads on your own videos or links to your affiliate sites. Second, is merely to make money watching YouTube videos.

But let's ensure it is real, not every body is able to create videos to create to YouTube. Maybe even the one reading this don't even understand how to create a simple 30 second online video. Despite that, everyone is watching YouTube. That is simple.

You may be wondering how anybody can earn money watching YouTube. Well, when there is internet marketing, there is also video marketing. A whole lot people will pay cold cash for those people who can drive traffic to their videos. And that is where the money comes in.

There are many websites that enables one to earn money watching YouTube videos, even infomercials. Even though YouTube mp3 download is not so high, but at least, even a five year old kid can do it.