Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

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If you have recently lost a loved one, you might be overwhelmed by each of the decisions you need to make. Funeral arrangements are very difficult to plan, and it can be a very stressful time for family. Here are a few tips to help make this period of mourning less stressful for everyone involved.

Plan in Advance

If possible, have your loved one plan his funeral or memorial provider in advance. Once you know exactly which songs to enjoy, who should officiate and where in fact the service should be held, much of the stress will be removed of your shoulders. If this isn't possible, keep the service as simple as possible. Use this time and energy to celebrate the life of your friend or family and share your happy recollections with others.

Look at a Budget

While you may choose to pay tribute to your loved one by planning a large service and buying the best products, your budget might not allow for these expenses. Talk to the life insurance company in what can be acquired, and plan the services around that budget. You may even need to opt for cremation rather than a burial. Cremation is often less costly, and you can keep carefully the cremation urn nearby honoring your loved one.

Ask for Help

Don't try to plan a memorial service or perhaps a funeral on your own. Ask for help from friends or some other family. They may be able to make phone calls, order flowers, prepare the routine or take care of other arrangements. Once you share the preparation steps with others, you will be more likely to have the ability to deal with your grief so that you don't become too overwhelmed.

Remember to Laugh and Reminisce

As you plan the funeral or memorial service, take time to remember all the great times you had together. Keep carefully the arrangements simple which means that your memories and those of other guests are the focus of the service. This can make the process easier for you while honoring your beloved as much as possible. If you opt to have your beloved cremated, a gathering at your home will allow everyone to share their memories. Place photographs around the room and motivate everyone to contribute something that they remember.