The First DominoFIELD When a wave is set in motion there is not much that could stop it Thats why it is good vibrational hygiene to keep a sensor tuned to the waves that emanate from you Once those waves are available there is no pulling it

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Speak a word aloud. You have just set a sound wave in motion. Can you change your mind which will help prevent it from sounding after it's got left the cavern of one's creative throat chakra? No. It becomes a force of nature once it leaves your mouth. From there it generates a wave which will eventually find its long ago for your requirements. Like little oceans, we are always producing waves, with our thoughts, our words and every movement of our muscles. Not only do we influence the other with the vibration, we ultimately be given a magnified version of whatever we consciously or unconsciously send out. It lands right back in the heart in our own lives.
I suppose we simply cannot be totally pure inside the quality of the waves we produce and nothing

terrible may happen for your requirements if you emanate haphazardly. But much could be gained from bringing

the source of one's waves into alignment along with your inner truth.
When you are a youngster did you want to set up a good distinctive line of standing dominos so you could watch

the incidents a result of knocking in the first one? poker qq online is less than completely different from that game.
If you could look through a couple of magic-domino-goggles, you'd see another plane of reality

where you stand on the center of the starburst of dominos. Every thought you think that, every move

you make, every word you speak starts a cascade of dominos. Of course, should you take off your

magic goggles, the outcomes of people domino cascades translate back into conditions in your life. If

you wore these goggles for a specified duration, it will soon become apparent that the specific dominos

you tap make all difference in your life experience.
Since I can't really provide you with such a group of goggles to try out (sorry), we'd like another

way to evaluate which dominos were tipping over and what the final results are within our lives.

Abraham tells us which our emotions are our guidance system. That means every one of your respective

thoughts, words and deeds creates a matching feeling within you. By simply arriving the

volume on that sensor, you'll know your emotions as you undergo your daily life, setting off

dominos in every direction. You will develop a clear, crisp a feeling of which of the vibrational

activities will be in harmony along with your core and which of them are creating static, crosscurrents and

will ultimately manifest in less than joyful life conditions.
Setting an Impulse in Motion
Since it's New Year's resolutions time, my suggestion with this year is that we go with a divine

quality to tune our dominos to. What if we make a choice big navigational vibration to use as our

compass to advance us from the year? Pick a good one. One that feels as though candy when you think that

of it. Love, peace, joy, kindness, service, creativity, wisdom, you select. Just make sure it sets a

tone that goes well with your activities. Let's say it's love, considered one of my personal favorites. This

becomes your sole New Year's resolution. Well, it really is less of the resolution and more of an guiding

star. As you interact using your co-workers, when you walk your puppy, browse the newspaper, kiss your

loved ones, choose a parking space, because you do everything you do, you book periodically.
Am I on the right track? Where am I with regards to love (or peace or wisdom, etc.) right now? This year,

tuned to adore, joy or kindness, you may cultivate your selected quality so profoundly that you may

hardly recognize your lifetime. You will soon be able to depend upon yourself to knock over many more

harmonious dominos absolutely nothing. Your life can be more extraordinary than ever before.
Letting Go
The wave has a life of its own after we place it in motion. We don't try to control each

domino within the lineup. This new type of resolution will not give attention to specific results. Instead, it

points our attention for the initial moment once the waves are generated. It concentrates all our

loving care for the first domino. Tipped with love, wisdom, kindness, generosity, compassion or

whatever quality you select since your magnetic north pole for the year, that domino will manifest

so magnificently in your life, it is going to knock your goggles off.
Happy New Year.