To put things into a fast outlook Im a comparative beginner to social nudism I view social nudism as a subculture to the prevailing culture of the areastate to which the societal nudists go

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In this sub-culture community of social nudists I'm quite interested in keeping the concept of personal privacy. We don't have the same concept of personal privacy as the textiles.

For Fabrics, the entire concept of personal privacy has a modesty to immodesty ratio that heavily leans toward modesty - from our perspective. Our complete idea of private privacy heavily leans toward immodesty - from their point of view. Theirs and our limits of personal privacy are in distinct places. For us the nude is no longer a private item. Our immodesty has limits, however. I am interested in finding where those limitations, both for myself and for the recognized community.
I recall being on my first visit of the neighborhood club, and getting the tour around the property. I was surprised at finding the showers were unisex and open-plan. Thinking back it all makes sense, but back then I was coming from a point of view of a just-coming-out cabinet nudist (basically a cloth). blondes on a beach see showering as somewhat toilet-orientated. I believe most nudist don't. A few people are simply not comfortable about washing each of their bits and bums with others. blondes on a beach need a concentrated effort if it is definitely going to be done properly. I'm now comfortable giving the places a quick once-over. Everyone's got bits and butts after all.
Dressing and undressing is fundamentally 'Textile'. Almost all of use will simply put on or take off at will, without the necessity of some privacy to do so. Textile street fashions - particularly girls' fashion - are going toward being less modest. Over time slacks are worn lower to show off the underwear underneath. Tops are more translucent, showing bras and camisoles underneath. Skirts are designed in such a way that the they are easily blown up by the wind. There's a slow tendency to being less modest and more - in a way - nudist.
I give it 50 years and New Zealand will be a societal nudist state. beach freedom will extend to having unisex open-plan showers at the local swimming pool. beach bum am hoping I can see the years outside until then.